Sunday, May 16, 2010

You know you are a mother when..

You are so used to being pooed. peed and spewed on that clean clothes feel wrong.
Sleep is such a long lost friend you forgot what he looks like.
Your washing machine becomes your new best friend.
Your makeup bag begins to gather dust.
Having a shower feels like a treat.
You only iron clothes that really (REALLY) need it.
You find yourself humming tunes, not from the radio but from the nursery rhyme book.
You have to add atleast 45mins to getting ready to go out and then still run late because you needed to change a)the baby b)your clothes because the baby spewed/pooed/peed on them or c) all of the above
You drive at the speed limit and abide by all the road rules.
You do housework (if you can!) with a baby strapped to your body (it was as if they never left the womb!).
Getting out of the house is a real treat.
You watch the news and suddenly realise that there is more going on in the world than nappy changes and washing.
But you really know your a mother when....
you look at your baby and he smiles right back at you and you feel such love and astonishment that you had a hand in creating such a perfect, healthy child and all else seems to pale into insignificance.


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Love it.