Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maternity Fears

I was sailing through my pregnancy without any worries. I wasn't worried about the pain or the labour. I had even gotten over the morning sickness and was enjoying being pregnant. Then the obstetrician told me today that I had a "bigger than average" baby. Great!!! Now how do I get the thing out?! I was planning on doing it drug free. I might just atten the epidural seminar now..... How does one's baby get "bigger than average"? I'm no giant in height or stature, neither is my husband. I have barely put on any weight during this pregnancy. To make matters worse, I went shopping afterwards. I bought clothes for my stay in hospital and a maternity bra. Like that helped!! Not only do I carry a bigger than average baby but my bra size has blown out!! How did they get so big?? I have my own personal airbags now! And I had to buy larger sized clothes (thanks to my 2 large gifts from the maternity fairy). I love my pregnant body but holy cow does it change and in a hurry. The clothes I can deal with but getting my baby out when it still has time to grow and its already bigger than average, oh man! Maybe I should start drinking coffee again to stunt its growth!