Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maternity Fears

I was sailing through my pregnancy without any worries. I wasn't worried about the pain or the labour. I had even gotten over the morning sickness and was enjoying being pregnant. Then the obstetrician told me today that I had a "bigger than average" baby. Great!!! Now how do I get the thing out?! I was planning on doing it drug free. I might just atten the epidural seminar now..... How does one's baby get "bigger than average"? I'm no giant in height or stature, neither is my husband. I have barely put on any weight during this pregnancy. To make matters worse, I went shopping afterwards. I bought clothes for my stay in hospital and a maternity bra. Like that helped!! Not only do I carry a bigger than average baby but my bra size has blown out!! How did they get so big?? I have my own personal airbags now! And I had to buy larger sized clothes (thanks to my 2 large gifts from the maternity fairy). I love my pregnant body but holy cow does it change and in a hurry. The clothes I can deal with but getting my baby out when it still has time to grow and its already bigger than average, oh man! Maybe I should start drinking coffee again to stunt its growth!

Friday, October 09, 2009


Why is it when you have some amazing things happening in your life, other people want to get involved?! I'm pregnant as my three readers now already and this is an amazing thing for us. But, why does a certain member of the family have to spoil it? (Not who you think guys). One member of the family firstly told other family members before we go the chance. Then they told extended family members weeks ago before I had even had my first scan. Again, we wanted to tell these family members. Now this person wants to find out the sex when we don't want to know! They want the specialist to write it down and put it in an envelope. I don't think so! How can anyone ask for this?! They cited that they may not be around in six months time. They are not dying of anything. This same person told my husband something on the day of our wedding that I was planning to surprise him with! I can just see them announcing the sex as I go into labour. Or buying baby items of colours that will give the sex away.
I am not happy about this request and I will not be bowing to it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There is a first for everything, I was just hoping that this one would never happen....

So I know someone who unfortunately has some issues. She has been in and out of psych hospitals which didn't seem to have worked. She returned home only to continue cutting herself, even in public. I saw the scars on her arms and that will not be something that I am ever likely to forget. It is a tough situation, she is on meds but they either don't work or she is doing all of this for attention. So how on earth do you deal with someone like this? Do you go soft on her and give her sympathy or do you go the hard line and tell her to grow up and get on with her life and be everything that she can be?
I am torn between getting upset and crying over this situation and screaming abuse (not at her of course!) because she is doing really stupid things.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Why can't telecommunications companies communicate?

Why? I unfortunately am having dealings with a certain large telecommunication company in regard to connecting a landline to a home. I initially applied online for the connection and we were told that the number would stay the same. Easy enough!! Wrong!!!
The phone line is still not connected. It was supposed to be connected on Saturday, today is Tuesday.
I have spent hours, yes literally hours on the phone to this company. Some calls were made from my mobile! Why did I call from my mobile and spend a fortune, because there was no working landline!!
What the various people at this company told me.
1. The line is connceted
2. You can't ring that number from an opposing telecommunication company's phne
3. The line does work, it rings when we call it
4. It must be the phone itself not the line
5. It must be the socket, try another one
6. Use your mobile in the meantime (the person whose phone this is does not own a mobile!!)
7. The line is disconnected
8. There must be a fault on the line
9. There is no fault on the line
10. Actually there is a fault on the line
11. You have a new number
12. The line has not been connected

I decided to ring the Telecommunications Ombudsman about this matter. Funny enough, things seem to be moving alot faster now after that call and the people that I then spoke to at that company were very nice and helpful to me indeed!
But the phone is still not connected. And its raining so I can't send a smoke signal to the person without a phone to tell her what is going on!

Monday, June 08, 2009

While I was gone.....

I learnt a number of things
1. Crosswalks (zebra crossings) mean different things depending on what part of the world you are in
2. Perth drivers are not very scary after all
3. That flying during a tornado warning means a bumpy ride
4. That when they say we might have turbulence on a big plane, its a lie!
5. That most people can actually survive without me - some obviously can't
6. Housesitters don't necessarily leave the house the way you like it
7. My life is worth living and others need to let me live it
8. Magic roundabouts are just plain scary!
9. My husband is the most wonderful man in the world
10. My priorities were all screwy
11. Its time for some changes across the board
12. I love spending time with my brothers and I realise that I miss them
13. Family is important (only if they are behaving)
14. I can relax and rediscover the things I used to like doing
15. Its a good thing to get out and see the world
16. And get away from things for a while to put things into perspective
17. I love squirrels
18. Italy does the best coffee - Illy coffee
19. I'm a snap happy tourist
20. You can waste too much time worrying over things, especially those that you can't control

Monday, January 26, 2009

Light Bulb Moments

Funny how death makes you think about things very differently. We are currently mourning the death of a prominent family member and things have been very interesting of late. Of course there is a great deal of emotion flying around which makes people do some interesting things and makes you ponder life in general. I have come up with some thoughts thanks to recent events and will leave them for you to ponder dear readers.
1.) Plan yours and your partners future. Don't leave this up to your children. Make your own plans now so that you can be financially and physically prepared. Look at how you want to retire and where you want to live. Save or put your money into a fund so that you have the money when it is needed.
2.) Think all big decisions through with care and advice. Don't jump into anything, as some people I know have and will now suffer the consequences. Get all of the advice that you can and don't feel pushed into making decisions. If you have any doubt, DON'T DO IT!
3.)Looking in the mirror frequently is a good thing. Try to see yourself as others see you, both the good and the bad. We don't always see or accept everything, we like to see what we want to see.
4.) Live your life for yourself not others. This is a hard one for many people including myself and once someone has a hold on you and your life it is often hard to break those bonds. But it is your life. Everyone was born with a purpose in life and you will never find out what your purpose is if you are too busy trying to please others.
5.) Live your life to the full whether you have longevity genes or not. We never know when our time is up so go for it! Its hard not to let everyday worries (and some not so everyday) get in the way but at the end of the day we get through, even those times where you can't see and easy way out. So go out and live!
6.) Don't take things for granted. Even the little things or the bad things. They are there to teach you something no matter how small the lesson. Listen hard.
7.) And finally, love fiercely. A world without love is not a world worth living in.