Friday, February 11, 2011

Identity Fraud

No, my wallet hasn't been stolen and no, nobody has hacked my pc (to my knowledge).

I am going through a very interesting phase in my life. Due to an "upheaval" in my family, I have been forced (not quite the word I'm after) to think differently. I have known for a while that I was not necessarily living my life for me. But now I am questioning exactly what is me and what is what people expected me to be. Confused yet? Welcome to my world!
Would I be who I am now if I had a different childhood? My three readers know exactly what I am talking about and if you are reader number four onwards, goodluck keeping up! Would I have followed the career path that I have taken? Would I have dressed the way I do? You know, I wear my hair in a particular way because I can hear a voice in my head telling me that I should never wear my hair down at school. Consequently, I never, NEVER, wore my hair down until relatively recently! Thats how powerful that voice was over me!
So, even though no one has stolen my ID this is a form of Identity Fraud. This voice in my head (it does actually belong to a real person) has stolen my identity and led me to live my life in a particular way. Its not all doom and gloom. If I hadn't have done some of things that I did, I wouldn't have met my wonderful husband or have given birth to the cheekiest and most gorgeous little boy.
But I am now questioning some things.

"A life lived in fear is a life half lived" - Anon.