Saturday, October 20, 2007

A strange case of mistaken identity

Ever been in a situation where you received unwanted attention from the opposite sex? I had it happen yesterday at uni. The only problem was that it was very hard to tell them to leave me alone and they didn't seem to get the message no matter how many times I told them! You see, I don't speak peacock! Yes, peacock. I was on my mobile yesterday at uni and turned around to see two peacocks (male) circling me. I wasn't frightened but they were within touching distance and they were circling.... Anyway, I moved away a bit and they followed. I finished my phone conversation and moved into the arts dept courtyard. They followed. I rang my other half to let him know that he had competition just as one showed off his tail to me and the other began to squawk. I moved away again. They followed. I told them that they had mistaken me for someone else but that didn't work. I told them that I wasn't their type. That didn't work either. They didn't seem to notice my lack of feathers or the fact that I spoke a foreign language. And I didn't really want to offend them. Eventually my refusal of their advances hit home and they gave up and wandered off.
There is always a first for everything........