Monday, June 08, 2009

While I was gone.....

I learnt a number of things
1. Crosswalks (zebra crossings) mean different things depending on what part of the world you are in
2. Perth drivers are not very scary after all
3. That flying during a tornado warning means a bumpy ride
4. That when they say we might have turbulence on a big plane, its a lie!
5. That most people can actually survive without me - some obviously can't
6. Housesitters don't necessarily leave the house the way you like it
7. My life is worth living and others need to let me live it
8. Magic roundabouts are just plain scary!
9. My husband is the most wonderful man in the world
10. My priorities were all screwy
11. Its time for some changes across the board
12. I love spending time with my brothers and I realise that I miss them
13. Family is important (only if they are behaving)
14. I can relax and rediscover the things I used to like doing
15. Its a good thing to get out and see the world
16. And get away from things for a while to put things into perspective
17. I love squirrels
18. Italy does the best coffee - Illy coffee
19. I'm a snap happy tourist
20. You can waste too much time worrying over things, especially those that you can't control