Monday, August 17, 2009

Why can't telecommunications companies communicate?

Why? I unfortunately am having dealings with a certain large telecommunication company in regard to connecting a landline to a home. I initially applied online for the connection and we were told that the number would stay the same. Easy enough!! Wrong!!!
The phone line is still not connected. It was supposed to be connected on Saturday, today is Tuesday.
I have spent hours, yes literally hours on the phone to this company. Some calls were made from my mobile! Why did I call from my mobile and spend a fortune, because there was no working landline!!
What the various people at this company told me.
1. The line is connceted
2. You can't ring that number from an opposing telecommunication company's phne
3. The line does work, it rings when we call it
4. It must be the phone itself not the line
5. It must be the socket, try another one
6. Use your mobile in the meantime (the person whose phone this is does not own a mobile!!)
7. The line is disconnected
8. There must be a fault on the line
9. There is no fault on the line
10. Actually there is a fault on the line
11. You have a new number
12. The line has not been connected

I decided to ring the Telecommunications Ombudsman about this matter. Funny enough, things seem to be moving alot faster now after that call and the people that I then spoke to at that company were very nice and helpful to me indeed!
But the phone is still not connected. And its raining so I can't send a smoke signal to the person without a phone to tell her what is going on!


JollyRgr said...

They are so infuriating...I wish we could do without them!!!!!

Odyssey said...

But... but... that would mean they would have to know what they're doing!

Goose said...

Oh dear! Hope it's fixed soon.

mouthfulofpancake said...

Its now fixed.

JollyRgr said...

It's about bloody time....Telstra are mongs!!!!

Goose said...

Glad it's fixed.