Friday, February 01, 2008

My toothpaste fell off the brush

I'm sure its happened to everyone. You put the toothpaste on your brush, look away, look back and its fallen off your brush into the sink. Great! Do you a)scrape it off the sink because it is a waste of perfectly good toothpaste. b) not trust the cleanliness of the sink and put fresh toothpaste on your brush wasting a glob by washing it down the drain. c) do neither and rinse with mouthwash because you just can't be bothered, you've already wasted time first thing in the morning.

So why blog about this? Its a perfect analogy for my life at the moment. You a re still scratching your head right? You think everything is going quite swimmingly and then bang! Something upsets the apple cart. In my case its planning my life for this year. I had it all planned out with uni and work and everything and then bang! Uni decides to change their timetable after I arranged work around it. So rude. So stressful!! My siblings would know that I was already under a "bit" of pressure already. So, do I rearrange my work again even though there is a chance that this timetable will change again. Do I leave it and hope it changes back. Or do I pack it all in because it is too hard??

What would you do with the toothpaste?


JollyRgr said...

Scrape the toothpaste up.....more germs in the mouth than in the sink.

On the other matter.....only you know what you can put up with but I seem to remember that Unit was pretty important to you so I would say....make sure you continue no matter what gets in the way

Goose said...

Hang in there and hope uni stops playing silly buggers! Oh, and scrape up the toothpaste!

Odyssey said...

To hell with toothpaste! A stiff drink is what you need!

Don't throw in the towel. Uni has to settle on a schedule sooner rather than later, otherwise they'll have students beating down the door of the registrar's office to complain.

mouthfulofpancake said...

A stiff drink at 8am in the morning might be a little too early. Have to wait until at least 8:30am! I have actually rearranged things around this change so they better not change it again!