Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This has to be the most underhanded and hurtful thing that could happen in my business. Another teacher has poached one of my students for next year. I was more than upset when I found out yesterday. It was the student who reluctantly told me. I was angry at the other teacher and at the parents as it was obvious that they weren't going to tell me (embarrassed perhaps?). I have taught this student for 2 years and worked extremely hard with them. They are going to a private school next year, where I am the teacher, and they have met another teacher who has obviously convinced them to learn from her. I have an excellent rapor with this student and cannot see if I had done anything to offend them or the parents. In fact the parents were always thanking me for me efforts. Some thanks! I thought something was up when I asked about next year recently (the parents had asked me about private lessons and they had asked the school about lessons at the school) and the student said that they hadn't decided. I got the distinct impression that they had and my fears were realised yesterday. I never really liked the other teacher and she has just proved me right. I do believe in karma and I just hope that this other teacher doesn't screw up the hard work that I put into this student.


JollyRgr said...

I hope the other teacher gets splinters from her bass.....when it spontaneously and unexpectedly explodes!!!!
(Well you can dream....can't you?)

Odyssey said...

I give it one year and the parents will come crawling back to you. When they do, make them suffer!