Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why do we bother to insure things?

I hate my insurance company! This saga begins with my car being broken into nearly two weeks ago. It was parked right outside of my front door, locked and inside closed gates. The jerk(s) who broke in, busted the driver's door lock and took the faceplate to my stereo, rendering it useless. (the faceplate was also useless to them!). So I rang all the relavent people (including big bro who was brilliant! Thankyou!) and then waited for the insurance company to call me back. When it looked like they weren't I rang them and got some overworked guy who kept asking me the same questions and nearly forgot to give me claim numbers etc. He asked me to ring their recommended people and get quotes for the stereo and the lock. I did that straight away and waited. Four days went by and I didn't hear anything. I rang the insurance company again only to be told that the locksmith quote hadn't come in. I rang the locksmith to find that they had lost my details and we had to do it all over again. I again waited for the phonecall from the insurance company. Nothing. I rang again. Still no quotes had come in not even for the stereo! They said they would ring for the quotes (about time!). The insurance company then rang me back (another guy) and asked had I rung for these quotes! By now I had gone from being polite to being quite irrate and desperate! I explained the whole thing again and the guy said "about the stereo, you din't have that included in your policy so we won't be honouring that claim." I obviously believed that I had put it on the policy because I have only been with these guys since January. He was lucky that I was at a school or the language would have been anything other than desirable. I argued and he stood his ground. He rang the locksmith and atleast that is now quoted and confirmed. I am now waiting for the locksmith to get a new lock in stock and then finally something might get fixed on my car! My other half has cancelled his policy with this company in protest. As for the stereo, it isn't in the paperwork so I will have to sort something out there. So will I be staying with this company? What do you think?


Odyssey said...

Jump ship. They're going to raise your rates anyway because you had the audacity to actually file a claim. That's what really sucks about insurance companies - they don't actually want you to use the product they'll so happily sell you.

mouthfulofpancake said...

The locksmiths aren't that great either! They rang me telling me that they would get the part in. Then they tried to ring my mobile the next day but the line was dredful and I couldn't even hear who it was. Then they just turned up on my doorstep without warning at a very difficult time and expected me to have cash! He said, "don't worry I'll follow you to the bank." Like I really had the time to go out and I had just come from there!

JollyRgr said...

Definately jump ship.......and tell the locksmith that you're going to complain about him to the insurance company...after he's finished the work to your satisfaction of course!!!!